What are the Procedures of Answering the Survey at www.talktosonic.com?

www.talktosonic.com is the website where you can answer the Customer Satisfaction Survey of Sonic Drive-In, America’s number one drive-in fast food restaurant. Just like with other customer surveys out there, the survey was created by Sonic to gather feedback from its consumers with regards to the quality of products and services that they provide. This is the company’s way knowing whether there is a need to improve their level of service. So if you are customer of Sonic Drive-In and you want to help the company to improve, then you better take part on the survey at www.talktosonic.com.

All about Sonic Drive-In

Sonic - Drive in - Menu - Breakfast The Sonic Drive-In is one of the most successful restaurant chains all over the United States. The company is currently based in Oklahoma and as of 2011, they are said to have more than 350,000 outlets spread across 43 states of the US. With this number, the company is said to be serving food to about 3 million customers each day. Famous for its use of carhops as well as roller skates, Sonic Drive-In hosts a yearly competition in order to determine who the top skating carhop is.

The company’s slogan is “America’s Drive In” and in an effort to provide the most excellent services and the best products to its growing number of consumers, the company came up with a survey which is easily accessible at www.talktosonic.com.

All about the Survey

The TalkToSonic survey is made up of different questions regarding the experience of the customer when visiting any of the Sonic Drive-In outlets. The survey is only accessible online, at www.talktosonic.com, thus, you must be connected to the Internet before you can start answering the survey. Answering the survey is just so easy, but for those who need help on how to go about the procedure, they can refer to the steps on this article.

Benefits of Answering the Survey

Sonic - BurgersIt’s not only the Sonic Drive-In that will benefit from the survey. In fact, customers who took time to answer the survey at www.talktosonic.com will receive a code which allows them to claim some freebies the next time they visit the drive in restaurant. You could also receive some Sonic coupons printable which you can use to get discounts from other stores, such as Old Navy. Not only that, because of the feedback you have provided for the company, you will receive a much improved service the next time you get to visit the restaurant.

So if you are an avid customer of Sonic Drive-In, then you should contribute to their improvement by allocating just a few minutes of your time to answer the survey online.

Step By Step Process of Answering the Survey Online at www.talktosonic.com

Take note that before you can answer the survey at www.talktosonic.com, you need to have that receipt from the store which has the survey invite code which you need to key-in on the website. And since the survey is done online, you should have a computer ready that is well connected to the Internet. Take note as well that the survey is only accessible in two different languages, which is English and Spanish. If you are ready to take the survey, then follow the steps below:

www.talktosonic.com• First of all, you need to visit the website by logging on to www.talktosonic.com.
• Enter the identification number that is indicated on the receipt that you received from Sonic Drive-In.
• Click the link that says “Start”.
• You will then be asked to answer questions concerning your last visit to one of the Sonic Drive-In outlets. Make sure to answer these questions as honestly as you can.
• Once you are done with the questions on the first page, proceed to the next.
• After you are finished answering all the survey questions, you will then be provided with a validation code which you need to present in order to receive your freebies from Sonic Drive-In.

As you can see, answering the survey at www.talktosonic.com is just so easy. As a matter of fact, the survey will only take up a few minutes of your time. Even those who are not familiar with using the computer can pretty much answer the survey questions with ease. And by taking part on the survey, you are not only helping the company to improve, but you are somehow helping other customers to receive an excellent quality of service each time they visit the restaurant, and that includes you as well.

As you know, the quality of service is very important in any kind of business. When you answer the survey, you need to be as honest as you can. Don’t worry, because even if you are going to provide negative feedback at www.talktosonic.com, you are still going to receive a code which you can use to redeem your freebies. So the next time you visit at Sonic Drive-In, watch out for that survey invitation code that is printed on your receipt.

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